The village of Ajijic is the center of most of the activities of the North American community. This once sleepy fishing village had a long and noble Indian history, and then it was discovered by the rest of world. Writers such as DH Lawrence came and were inspired, as did many musicians, actors and dancers. Some of entertainment’s famous stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Charles Bronson came here to get away from the hectic pace north of the border. The community is the haven for many writers and artists inspired by the always-beautiful surroundings.

The village church, which is dedicated to San Andres (St. Andrew) the patron saint of Ajijic and the little chapel were built in the 1500’s and both are located on the central plaza. San Andres Church, rebuilt in 1749, is referred to locally as the “new” church. The traditional, shady plaza is the center of local fiestas and is always busy with venders and families. Sunday evenings the young people still walk in the traditional “paseo,” the boys one way, girls the opposite. Although taken up for repairs on many occasions, the cobblestone streets date back to colonial times, and still provide totally recyclable paving material today.

Near the lake on the street called 16 de Septiembre is the largest foreign organization, the Lake Chapala Society. The society is located on the former estate of Neill James, a famous travel writer and long-time resident. Stop in and visit their comprehensive library, video rental club, and ask about the many other activities and services.

Many fine restaurants, hotels and B&B’s are located in the village. You will enjoy browsing the numerous designer boutiques, shops and art studios/galleries. Buses and taxis are available, but sometimes delayed by an occasional burro carrying a load of wood or grain for his owner. Newly refurbished lakefront walkways and parks are a wonderful early-morning setting for watching the fishermen bring in their catch.